April 29 – May 8, 2016

BIKE ACROSS JAPAN 2400 (BAJ) is randonneuring starting at Cape Sata, Japan’s southernmost excluding Okinawa islands, reaching northernmost tip at Cape Soya of Hokkaido. The ride will adhere to regular BRM and RM rules, and qualified finishers will be homologated by RM. Audax Saitama is organizing the event while its role is limited to providing route information and administrative work around homologation for qualified finishers. There will be no volunteers, no official vehicles, no overnight controls to rest, nor drop bag service. 

All participating riders are requested to be completely self-supported. Just as personal cycling journey, each rider is responsible for replenishment, sleep/nap, mechanical trouble, accidents, and other challenges. 

One thing different from a personal trip would be that there will be that the fellow randonneuring cyclists are going to be riding the same route heading the northernmost land. Even when you are riding alone, this will be a major help to ride 2400km.

 1 Event Date/Time  8 Route
 2 Start Location  9 Luggage Service
 3 Access  10 Brevet Card
 4 Eligibility  11 Schedule on April 29
 5 Number of Participants  12 At Finish
 6 Entry Fee  13 BAJ jersey
 9 How to Sign Up  14 Other Information

1. Event Date/Time 

  • START Friday, April 29, 2016 9:00AM
  • FINISH Sunday, May 8, 2016 2:24AM (close time)

2. Start Location

  • Cape Sata Road Park, in front of the entrance tunnel
    Kagoshima Prefecture Kimotsuki district Minamiōsumi Sata (map at right)weather information
  • Route to Cape Sata Road Park is uphill. (some are very steep). Plan with lots of margin to reach on time.
  • To get the view of Sata Misaki lighthouse, you’ll have to be inside Satamisaki Park. The park is open between 8:00 am till sunset.

3. Access

  • Satamisaki Hotel (about 5.2km to start) has shuttle bus service between Kagoshima airport and hotel (with charge / in preparation)
    • Shuttle bus service will be available for sign up after the participants list is fixed.
4. Eligibility

Audax Saitama is not liable for any accident during the event. You are in full responsibility to have appropriate insurance coverage required for your own injury. By applying to the event, you understand to accept the risks involved and your family or equivalent are also in agreement in this condition.

5. Number of participants

  • 50 people

6. Entry Fee

  • 6000 JPY

7. How to sign up

  • Registration is Full and closed.

8. Route

  • Route is here. Check before signing up.

9. Luggage Service

  • There is no luggage storage service at the start point. Hotel Sata has luggage courier service.

10. Brevet Card

  • Brevet card will be mailed in advance. Bring the card with necessary information filled out. No spare card will be available at the start.
  • For overseas residents, the card will be handed out at the start on the day or the day before.

11. Schedule (April 29)

  • Check in takes place at the start location
    Friday April 29, 2016 between 8:15 AM and 9:00 AM

  • Briefing: 20min before start (does not include route details)  
  • Equipment check: 10min before start
    • [mandatory equipment]
      • 1.Bell 
      • 2.Front lights (need two or more independent ones)
      • 3.Tail light, has to be red and no flashing
           These have to be attached to the bicycle
      • 4.Red lamp at the rear of helmet (flashing allowed)
           To raise visibility for the vehicle from behind
      • 5.helmet
      • 6.reflective vest
           no vest on sale at start

        caution: equipment check does not include bicycle inspection. Audax Saitama is not responsible for any issues or trouble with bicycle
  • Start 9:00

12. At Finish

  • There will be no staff at finish
  • All control checks will be by convenience store receipts. Keep the receipts
  • At the finish, fill in the card with medal requirement, your signature, and ride time
  • sort the receipts in order and place them inside brevet card
  • enclose the completed card and receipts in the envelope which will be handed out at the start
  •  envelope has stamp and address prefixed. Mail it in Japan before May 10th.

13. BAJ jersey

14. Other Information

There is non-zero possibility of cancellation due to extreme weather conditions. However, please be noted that Audax Saitama is highly likely not going to cancel. It may snow in Hokkaido in Golden Week (1st week of May). Other regions could have severe weather conditions.  Even in such cases, you are required to make your own decision either to continue riding or not. There will be no staff, no support, no luxury of backup of any sort. You are in control just as the personal touring. We ask that you understand the circumstance upon signing up.
  • In early May, the temperature at Cape Sata (start) is around 25 degree Cercius or could be higher, while the Cape Soya (goal) may be winter cold have some snow. Plan your gear accordingly! check weather forecast here.
  • There is no stores or restaurants near the start location. Prepare your food supplies beforehand.